For who?

Learn how to keep your body and mind as efficient as possible. Healthy body healthy mind.  

  • Truly all people resolved to have a change in life.  

    • Not only sportive people!

    • People that want to change their sleeping pattern

    • People that need a boost   in life via nutrition.

    • People that want to be ready for stressfull or difficult situations.

  • Athletes from all ages and levels

    • Those wanting to go professional  

    • Amateur and professional athletes  

    • Those preparing for an epic race, expedition or adventure (marathons, ultra-marathons, triathlons, intercontinental trips, etc.)  

The Program?

Physical training

You tell us what you want, you tell us your goal and we’ll design a physical training program (with several specialist partners) to get you there. Period.


The body, like any organism, needs to be fed properly. This however, depends entirely on what it is you are doing - and want to do - in life.


One of the most important (and ignored) skills to a stronger life. Sleep is central to your efficiency in body and mind. Properly understanding why you sleep and how certain activities can affect (interrupt or enhance) your sleep can change your life.

Mental resilience / readiness

The mind is your most powerful tool. The mind is the key to victory in all things. We will help unlock what you already have in you.

Northstar and milestones

What pulls you in life? What is it that you want? Which “mountain” do you see yourself climbing and summiting. What milestones are necessary to cross to get there? We will unlock your life-map.


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