MISSIONME Hydra will compress the SF world and the civilian world by engaging on subjects that are pertinent to both: genuine leadership, followership, strategy and tactics, complexity, verbal/nonverbal communication, decision-making, stress management, planning, etc. 

The MISSIONME coaches have been working in elite teams for more than ten years with over 18 operations worldwide. They have been working/engaging with people from all over the earth in all kinds of conditions.

These operational engagements in highly diverse organizational and ethnic cultures have provided unique perspectives. Countless lessons identified and learned have gone into forming these perspectives resulting often in looking at things (and ourselves as missionme coaches) with new eyes. 


Leadership and strategy, in the context of complexity, are central to the formulation of our ideas on how to become more relevant, more agile, and especially more anticipative. Despite drawing much of our concepts from a very different setting to civilian organizations, we have nonetheless learned tremendously from the civilian business world, and hope to be able to return the favour.

How can we help?

LECTURES (brainteasers/food-for-thoughts)

  • Offer businesses and organizations (civilian and military) lectures (and seminars) on the trialogue between systems/institutions, the 21st century, and leadership. 


  • Offer businesses lectures on resilience, elite-ness in teams, and complexity


  • Offer inspiration through stories of failures and successes in the most demanding job of all military organizations. 

  • The strategist in a complex and turbulent world. Generating an elite team from above and from below. What the 21st strategy means for leadership and strategy.


  • Offer coaching to teams who want to be as elite as they can be (unpack the ingredients of high performing and inspired teams). Provide BSA on lower-mid-high level management. 


  • Tease out issues and offer ways forward from a novel point of view – that in which “the team” must be united for efficiency and survival – where agility and fluidity move at the speed of trust. 


  • Set Northstar and milestones for teams with follow-up sessions. 



  • Due to our years of experience as being SF Operators we have been analyzing characters in different context and levels of stress and intensity throughout the spectrum of society. (Evaluation)

  • Doing challenges with candidates in order to assess them properly and giving a report on the fit for the function. (Selection)

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