A journey of self-discovery with different levels of development. Each level has a program of instruction that builds on the previous level. Every individual will be pushed, but we recognize that this means something different for each individual (so do not be afraid).  


Our vision is to inspire people to grow their "warrior spirit". By this we do not mean to encourage violence, on the contrary, the true warrior fails when she or he must resort to violence. Sun Tzu repeats many times that the supreme art of the warrior, is to win without a battle.


This calls for confidence and self-belief (each at his or her own level), and for values that we place above ourselves: discipline, honour, respect for all living things, loyalty, and ultimately standing for something we believe in regardless of adversity.


You will do things you have never done before, and learn things you have never learnt before (See POI).


Throughout all of this you be coached by former special forces operators in various (individual and team) skills and techniques, but more importantly you will discover that values are at the heart of everything we do and accomplish as people in this world.  


One must learn to be confident against fear, anxiety, feelings of worthlessness, or even perhaps someone who threatens your or someone else’s safety.

One must believe in oneself in a world filled with uncertainty; one must learn to take calculated risks and never see the possibility of failure as a reason to pull back.


Every special forces operator has been forged by countless failures. In the end, the real warrior is the one who keeps getting back up; shaken, but also a little bit stronger. 


Missionme values the body and the mind. A healthy body strengthens the mind, as it allows the mind to focus more and longer.


But even more important, a healthy mind smartens the body. For this reason, certain Challenge levels (from Silver onwards) will require pre-determined minimum results (school or personal & job related). 

You just can't beat the person who never gives up.


Program Of Instruction (POI) can include the following building blocks.


  • Discipline

  • Perseverance

  • (self)respect

  • Integrity & honesty

  • Loyalty

  • Creativity

  • Bravery & Honor


  • Basic Anatomy

  • Geography

  • Planning

  • Setting a north-star

  • Mental readiness techniques


  • Navigation

  • Self-defence

  • Survival & outdoor living

  • Knot tying

  • Obstacle crossing

  • Camouflage

  • Public presentation techniques

  • Positive behavioural adaptation


  • Mental resilience tools

  • Leadership development

  • Observing & Listening

  • Connecting to people  (extraverts / introverts)

  • Stress management


The purpose of MissionMe Challenges is to understand that the limitations you set for yourself are largely illusions you create for yourself. You are stronger than you think, you are tougher than you think, you are more courageous than you think. 


This realization in the physical domain – where we will be beside you – will unleash reservoirs of courage, strength, and confidence in all parts of your life. What may have seemed like an insurmountable obstacle will no longer look the same. 


MissionMe Challenges uses the physical domain as a conduit to your mental and emotional strength. The force of a person is much more than his or her physical capabilities. In the end, we believe people – all ages, shapes and sizes – have incredible potential. We want to trigger that potential, we want to equip you with tools (mental, physical, and emotional) to walk in the world with a new drive. To start to see mountains as hills, oceans as lakes, and most importantly – obstacles as opportunities. 


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